About us

Bison’s prospect: Win-win Opportunity
Founded in 2012, Bison’s core group is composed of different experts who all have more than 10 years’ experience in TP industry. We have been awarded more than 60 patents, among which Bison have earned many peculiar patents by 2014.

Based on our thorough market-analyses and core technologies, we are able to provide the most qualified and punctual products with reasonable prices. Besides, we can also realize individualized needs for all customers. We promise you the best quality of service to satisfy your peculiar requirements.
In addition to our frontier achievements in TP industry, we also provide total-solutions for Direct Bonding. Under our scheme of total-solution, we can procure the best yield statistics and indeed we are aiming to become the best producer for TP and DB.

Our promiseBison’s group has more than ten years’ experience as the gathering of innovative researchers. We insist the high standard for quality and count on the realization of customers’ needs. Relying on our efforts, we developed TP related products with both high qualities and reasonable performance price ratios. Also we shall be exactly accurate and punctual for product-supplying.