About us


 We sustain our energy of innovation, provide optimal Smart-touch related products & services and satisfy mankind’s demand for intuitive input. We devote ourselves to provide best production worldwide concerning Smart-touch panel by applying the most advanced technology. 

In order to realize the above-mentioned prospect, we must be available to:
(1) Guide the trends of technological and manufactural developments;  
(2) Provide products with excellent qualities;
(3) Maximize customers’ benefits.


To become a reliable long-term producer for TP techniques and one-stop services all over the world.

Core principle

Keep our honest promises for costumers, suppliers, employees and shareholders in society. Provide a humanistic, challenging, meaningful and enjoyable working environment for all staff so as to attract best-suitable talents, fulfill their potentials and then strengthenthe overall capacities of our company.

Being innovative is the foundation of our development. Thus we must be decisive, courageous, flexible, ambitious and efficient in all aspects like strategy, marketing, technique, production, etc. Only by this way, can we adapt the rapidly changeable environment within the industry and provide the most competitive products and services. We must obtain the international prospective and strive for being the leader of our industry all the time.