About us

Bison is now running by experts who own experiences in researching and manufacturing Opto-electronics and Touch Panels for more than 10 years. Relying on our independent views and rich experiences on mass production, we are able to build our own ideal lab and factory to produce maximum values while using minimum resources.
Thus we managed to complete following achievements,

Machine. Currently the optimal machine specialized for TP production hasn’t appeared in market. While after our careful modification and measurement, we created the most suitable machine for producing the best TP on our own by applying our profound knowledge and experience.
Material. We pay much attention on the trend of TP related info, and we keep probing the latest technologies for using various materials more efficiently.
Factory. We are now trying every endeavor to build a modernized and industrialized factory by means of researching, distributing, preparing for machines and integrating the production line.
Patent. In total, we earned more than 60 patents over the last 10 years.
Production and Quality-control system. In late 10 years, we handled the turnover of more than 5KK productions successfully.

Marketing. We built business ties with more than 100 big or medium clients in Taiwan, Mainland of China, Europe and America over the last 10 years.