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Five-wire resistive TP

Five-wire resistive TP


General Principle

1. The electrodes of both X Axis and Y Axis are embedded on ITO Glass directly. In order to prevent short-circuit fault, we used brief and broken lines to fill in. While we also applied multi-layer electrodes distribution to modify the distortion of all around electric fields and the etching method to supply.

2. The electrodes of both X Axis and Y Axis are embedded on ITO Glass directly. The ITO Film is only functioning as a Sensor. Thus when the ITO Film is damaged, the electrical field’s location won’t be influenced. This is the most enduring resistive product.

Application: Single-point TP used for POS or Vehicle Machine to prevent electromagnetic interference.

 Bison’s breakthrough for five-wire resistive TP


1. We could enhance the yield by film coating and lithography etching.

2. We used vacuum coating copper to make a more enduring TP which could be 5 times more persistent even in a high temperature or
    humid environment. It could last as long as 1000hrs.

3. Our project is very sincere because we integrate every aspect like Pattern, linewidth, line pitch, yield, the probability for mass
    production, efficiency, persistence, etc. into our consideration.

4. provide updated design layout with high qualities for the original markets and customers. We’d very much like to build constant 
    relationships with all co-operators.


Product Specifications

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